A Collaborative Project Between Community Members and Drake University Students

Meet My Friend-“Narbo”

12002087_10153162662198157_6741901048125344348_nI had the pleasure of meeting Naren or “Narbo” as I have been able to call him, since I was a Freshman in college. He was a chubby International student from Ghana, who was finding his place within the collegiate United States. He is someone who is full of stories and life ultimately, he can always carry a conversation. Narbo is someone that relates to anyone he meets, which is why sales will be the perfect career for him and makes sense. His personality fills a room, which is one of the many reasons we became friends. He was always someone to just hang out with and talk to, I regret not conversing more through my earlier college years with Naren. We really became closer my Sophomore year when we lived in the same dorm, while he was sharing a room with a couple football players. I am so glad to have met him, and now working on this project be able to really get to know him more in depth.

His aspirations and will to succeed is something I never would have seen without doing this project. Naren is constantly driven by his family, and his father’s work ethic which is something I focused on throughout the project. Those intrinsic values that he learned from his father and family member are what have made Naren who he is, and ultimately that is what this is about.  His talent transcends boundaries, Naren is constantly trying to better himself in every facet of his life. His goal is to be his own boss, and I think he will do that with ease. Internally the impact of the loss of a parent is something that I cannot fathom, but by looking at who Narbo is and will be you do not see that affecting his drive. The only affect it is having is a positive one, towards being successful for his mother. I never knew about that loss in his life that happened to him as a Freshman in college, which for most is the hardest year. Naren had to balance that  along with moving to a new country, trying to attain new friends, and be successful in school, that is an enormous amount of pressure most would falter.

I am so glad to call Naren a friend, his story is one that I am glad to have heard. This project strengthened my friendship with him, and hopefully it continues to grow. I have the utmost respect for the man Naren is and will be, I cannot wait to see where his life takes him. It was difficult working on writing someone’s life, even when knowing the person, but I am glad I chose Narbo for my narrative. His story is a powerful one, and it has only begun. Many of the oral histories we have appreciated throughout this course were on people in their later years of life, creating a powerful history. I felt that even though Naren is younger his perspective was one to be shared. I hope that I give Naren’s life justice through this oral history, his story is more poetic than my words are able to describe.

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  1. Lourdes Gutierrez Najera

    Phil, this looks really good. I like the tone of the oral history and I think you’ve done a nice job integrating images with text. I thought you did a great job highlighting the important facets of Narbo’s life. I especially enjoyed learning about how his family continues to influence his life choices. In terms of recommendations for revision, I offer the following: 1) break up narrative with text boxes/quotes and images. 2) Please read through for grammatical errors, especially subject verb agreement–for example plural subject/noun and singular verb-like they is or X and Y shows (rather than show). You have numerous of these types of errors. 3) please add links to the next page at the bottom of each of your pages.

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