A Collaborative Project Between Community Members and Drake University Students

Sandy Hatfield Clubb

My oral history tells the story of Drake’s Athletic Director, Sandy Hatfield Clubb. 17569002502_064c901d3f_oA familiar face amongst athletes, Sandy is known for her enthusiasm with both athletics and academics. Growing up, Sandy was met with challenge after challenge, but her reliance on sport and education allowed her to succeed and be the leader that she is today. Many individuals aided in Sandy’s journey out of a darker past, providing her with opportunities to continue her education and now she is very passionate about the relationship between sport and education. Sandy’s story provides a unique insight into the female side athletics, which is traditionally a male-dominated field. Throughout this process, I conducted two interviews with Sandy, both in her office located in the Bell Center on Drake’s campus.


Early Life



  1. Megan Johnson


    Your organization of the information was well done, and the formatting of the entire website looked great. I think you provided just enough activity on each page to be well balanced and keep readers interested.


    – Your pull out quotes weren’t incredibly impactful. Maybe find something that digs a little deeper so if someone just looked at the page and saw the quote it would make them want to read the whole article. Some of these did but most were average.
    – Maybe make the pages a bit longer? I would have liked to see more information overall. But it worked fine the way you had it.
    – Your images were kind of impersonal. Are there any of Sandy she wouldn’t mind you using?

  2. Ashley Hunter

    I loved your oral history! I think you captured Sandy’s story well and did a great job with your writing! Your pages are very pleasing to the eye- not all over the place with things.
    I noticed your pictures are from the web- and I think that is fine! I thought it was awkward myself getting photographs of my person.
    Overall you did a great job and i’m excited to hear your presentation tomorrow.

  3. Lourdes Gutierrez Najera

    Laura, I really like your oral history. Aesthetically, it is excellent. It achieves a nice balance of text and visual elements. In terms of content, I think it concise and yet offers really nice insights into her personal life. I think it is good as is, without the need for further revision.

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