A Collaborative Project Between Community Members and Drake University Students

Maria Filippone

11866427_10154124403021679_3789460337210946741_n I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Maria Filippone. Maria has had an exciting and fulfilling life which has helped shape her into a family oriented mother and active member of society. She went to medical school and met her amazing husband Bob. Going into medical school she was met with many challenges- discrimination, becoming pregnant, trying to figure out her calling, and she was faced between the decision of being a mother or continuing medicine.

Even after leaving medicine Maria has continued helping people through out her life. She has been an active member in the Des Moines community and has opened a dance theater and a jazz club. Each business had the best intentions in mind. The theater was created for children to be able to experience the arts and to give them something productive to do. It has grown immensely- moving from the basement of a church to a building in down town. The jazz club, Noce, was created to bring some well needed music to the down town area, where most places were being bought over by huge companies.

Maria taught me one lesson I will never forget… that time is your most important resource, don’t waste it.

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  1. Lourdes Gutierrez Najera

    Dear Ashley, I really think you’ve got a rich story and I enjoy learning about this woman’s life trajectory. Her trials and triumphs are really evocative. In general you have done a great job also balancing text with images and breaking up the story on the page to give the reader a break. In terms of revisions/editions I suggest 1) that you consider paying the same attention to detail on the “Residency” page. It is simply a lot of text on the page. 2) If you could find a way to highlight a main theme/point in the sections on medical school, for example her feminist development or some thread that could carry your sections,I think it would lend strength to the narrative. I felt like the sections on medical school and profession had a lot of information and were packed with several ideas but wasn’t always clear what the most important or unifying point was. 3) Other than that, consider your peer’s comments I think they provide some very thoughtful insights about consistency in orthography (with capitalizing concepts, for example) and also need to check for correct spelling. I corrected several spelling errors on your draft that I notice have not been corrected. For example, in the travel section I believe it should be Gaza not Gazi. Please read through with care for these types of errors and correct.

    • Ashley Hunter

      I wont.. I’m working on it right now

  2. Brooke Rogers

    Great job so far Ashley! I love Maria’s story and there were many points in it where she made me laugh. Your biggest strength are the details of her story; however some parts seemed out of order which I will discuss later. I also love the section on her kids, her kids are such a big component to her life so it was very important to include that. The story about her meeting Bob made my heart melt and really draws you into her story. As for improvements here is a list (I know it looks long, but its really just minor errors that I noticed). If you have any questions please let me know, I can’t wait to see the final product Ashley!

    -Make sure to link pages!
    -Have you thought about nesting? I see that you have for the pages on her children (however, the text is not on the correct page- this is mainly just copy and paste work so no biggie)
    -the font switched to Times New Roman on the childhood page
    -im pretty sure Catholic is capitalized, this mainly in the childhood section
    – college section: take out the (what)
    -medical school:not sure that it is called bachelorette classes
    -talking about having kids before the Meeting Bob section seems out of order.
    -transitioning after med school page is really long try breaking it up.
    -the children pages are great, but need to be properly nested. It seems out of order to call about the theater company on the children page without mentioning the theater previously
    -make sure to go through and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. I saw a few throughout but nothing major!

    • Elizabeth Stuart

      Great Oral History Ashley!

      I really did enjoy it, I thought it was a great story, and I loved hearing about her life! I loved the way you made it relatable, and the way you lead me through her life.

      I would also agree with Brooke’s comments. I think that you should also link the pages.

      If I were you I would also add some more pictures, or block quotes or something. It really seems like there is a lot of text and at least for me it got a little tedious to read.. but that could just be me and my minuscule attention span.

      I also particularly liked the story about Bob – hilarious and adorable. I think you forgot to capitalize his name, just so you know. I wonder if there’s anyway you could expand that portion. It was a really great meet-cute story, but I kinda wanted to hear more about him.

      Overall, I really loved it, great work!

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