The aim of these oral histories is to capture the voices of a wide array of people who have made Des Moines their home. Our interviewees form an integral part of a collaborative process in the production of these narratives. By conducting at least two one-hour long interviews, that are transcribed and used to construct web pages, the project is able to provide insight into their lives.  Students integrate visual, audio, and text to produce a story that remains true to the spirit of the interviewee, also reflected in the transcripts. The content of the oral histories is quite diverse. We hope you will enjoy reading their stories.

The oral histories presented, include the narrative composed by the student, original transcript, and an appendix linking the project to Prof. Gutiérrez’ course on Oral History.

We thank each individual who has graciously volunteered for these interviews. If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact Prof. Gutiérrez at Drake University.