This interview is being conducted as part of a classroom exercise for Drake’s anthropology course on “Oral History.” Thus, the purpose of this project is to gain insight into the lives of members of the broader Des Moines community. We are interested in hearing narratives that represent the diversity of our community. You have the right to choose anonymity in this process, in which case, I will use a pseudonym and remove all identifying markers from this interview. You can refuse to answer any questions you do not feel comfortable with answering and may stop the interview at any time.

The interviews will be transcribed and will be used to compose an oral history featured on a web-based platform made publicly available.

If you have further questions regarding the process, you may contact our professor, Dr. Gutiérrez Nájera via email:

I ask that you sign this consent form, if you are willing to participate in this interview process and make this information publicly available.

I _____________________________________ give permission to ____________________________ to use this interview, or part of it, to fulfill this project’s objectives. I understand my rights to anonymity and to refuse to answer any questions I may be uncomfortable in answering.