Tracy and her two son’s at her surprise 50th

After five years after I was born my little sister came into our world. I told my parents that life is better with just two of us. We don’t need a third why would you bring a third into our life. So Melanie, my little sister, she and I had a different kind of relationship. I don’t ever think she was jealous, and I think the age difference was part of if and this was as we were growing up. I know she was proud because of what others have said she said about me but it was just a friend. Melanie was spoiled and Mom an dad, and again we were all pretty much raised the same way but the third one they get tired and Melanie marched to her own drummer and still does to this day. And while I love my sister dearly now, Melanie and I had a more volatile relationship and I really don’t understand or don’t know why that was. We are close now, and we don’t fight like we used to. It was different. I do not know how or what to contribute that too.

Tracy is almost three years older than me, and my younger sister Melanie is five and a half years younger than I am. Do the math and there is 8 and a half different between my older and younger sister with me in the middle. That dynamic was weird too. I’m not saying we weren’t close, and it was a middle sister and little sister thing but I know for a fact my relationship with them, good or bad, had nothing to do with my disability.

I think overall mom and dad did an amazing job dealing with someone who was ‘different’ not knowing exactly what to do. We had special appointments, to Chicago at the Shriners hospital twice a year for appointments. I never saw it as anything special like “oh I get to go to Chicago” because we went there and came right back. My sisters never felt like ‘oh how come I never got to go’ other than ‘oh she gets out of school and we don’t get out of school’ type of thing. I don’t thing mom and dad hid the special things I got but I think that they did a good job explaining it. Even to this day.