I started out as a grad student at Drake and in the area of school counseling, I wanted to be a school counselor. Started in the fall semester by the second semester, halfway through I heard that this position with student disability services was open and so I applied and got it. That was awesome because it was a right fit for me. I didn’t realize this is where I would stay. I had thought I would pursue my desire to be a school counselor but I soon realized that what I was doing here was pretty much the same thing. So, here I am. What kept me here has been the ability to see students. Not just to make sure they have the accommodations they need because obviously that is my role here but to see them go from those first year students struggling to thriving seniors where with graduation and jobs on the horizon. To me, that is fulfilling. And so that is why I am here and this is why I stay.

Viewing A Disability