Faith is the most important thing in my life. It centers me and I gained that faith fat a very very young age. I remember saying to my parents that ‘God made me different because he wanted me to tell a story’. And so I think for me that was always part of it. It wasn’t God’s fault I was like this, it was one of those things. I always have had my faith.

My faith had lead me to have the confidence to do all the things I have done, go to college, get married and have kids.

I was raised Lutheran, still am Lutheran. That to me that is a religion so I am affiliated with Lutheran church and so I say there is a difference between religion and faith because my parents really didn’t practice, we didn’t go to church when growing up. They made sure we were baptized and made sure we were confirmed but we just didn’t go to church. Who knows why. Now that they are older, they go to church every Sunday. Melanie sings in church and that’s why they probably starting going to church. When I think about the difference between faith and religion I realize that since I didn’t go to church when I was young I had to find a way to worship on my own. I became a member of FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) even though I was not an athlete. I kept saying to the teacher in charge of it, “I’m not an athlete” and he told me, “It’s not about that, it’s about the character, the kind of person you want to be”. That was kind of my church, reading the Bible and listening to Christian music was my church at home. I didn’t have to go every Sunday to practice my religion.

When I say my faith is important it is because I had to build my faith from mentors and people that helped me develop my faith. At that time I did not practice a religion. I practiced my faith. Faith is believing there is something there without actually seeing it. That’s how I view it, I could not see the religion but I could see the faith.

My faith is what I always lean back on during lot of difficult times. It is very important to me. When I do my presentations, I talk a lot about my faith and I am never shy to talk about my faith.. But I don’t share my faith with students unless they share theirs. I have always been a firm believer in that I show my faith through my actions.

Now every year as part of my blog and my everyday sanity, I choose a word to pray about for the whole year and how that word is touching me. This year the word was ‘be’. It is all over my walls as you see “be honest, humble, loving, yourself, strong, creative, hopeful, and grateful.” that’s been my motto all year. My faith had lead me to have the confidence to do all the things I have done, go to college, get married and have kids.

Life at Drake