I met Michelle about five years ago during my freshman year of college at Drake University. I have some disabilities that, without being accommodated, make everyday class just a little bit more difficult than for everyone else. Michelle is the Student Disability Services Coordinator at Drake and works with students like me to find accommodations possible, like having extra time on tests or using technology for taking notes, to best succeed in the classroom. Since I was a freshman, Michelle has facilitated the best opportunities to me succeed, get to graduation and beyond Drake. As I will be graduating in December, I would say her hard work has paid off.

In the time I have worked with her, I have gotten to know her more and more with each accommodation I have needed. Michelle is a mother of two with a loving husband and an amazing family supporting her with every decision she has made. And behind her job at Drake is an amazing story about attitudes, growing up ‘normally’, and one girl’s path down the road of life. Michelle describes herself as a mother, wife, daughter, speaker and blogger. She is also a Drake employee and much more.

A Parent’s Mentality