I really cling to my creative outlets to keep me as sane as I am. I do compose often. After my craniotomy Sandi brought home a synthesizer, about the same time that Barack Obama was ascending. His inspiration led me to the keyboard and I began reworking all of these old traditional patriotic songs and just having a lot of fun with it. It’s a great way of kind of channeling frustration, and, like I’ve told my kids, you find your gift in art and you channel your energy into it. Music did help me heal from the craniotomy, and it has gotten me to a richer and deeper understanding with the spirit force. That cuts both ways though, so, for instance, I find that if I’m not finished with a song I will be haunted by it. So, I try to compose religiously. Every weekend, just to kind of get my head into that frame of mind, to shift the focus from one sense to the other, and I typically am able to kind of churn out a song in an afternoon or so. If I write a song but I have more work to do on it, it will let me know. And when it does, I do not sleep. Composing does give me an enormous amount of pleasure though, and I find that I like my music better than almost anything else that’s out there these days. I’ve gotten more sophisticated as I would need to, and I’ve been honing that labor of love for probably about two years. I really compose for my sons, although they do not appreciate it. They’re used to being surrounded by music and they do not appreciate it the way that I do.


Hope for the Future