When people view African culture they put that into one category. Like all Africans talk the same way or they share the same beliefs. However, African is a huge continent made up of different cultures and different languages. Even in the same country there will be different languages

  So, when it comes to African culture I think it has entered through a form of market; commoditization people still want to experience African culture as a product. Like something you can just go and like “I’m wearing a shirt today so I’m multicultural you know. For some people its not that form of cultural. I think that now its becoming mainstream in some way, but we want to see it like as some sort of lion king we want to experience like “Lion King” but there are multiple African cultures there are knowledge based ways of approaching African culture. We can also critique African culture as not just this perfect euphoric heaven you know people just go and dance an go on the floor and chase lions. I think its really mainstreamed but at the same time we are having this “fethishization” of African culture as this like when you get high and when you want to be in this space and that’s how African culture exist for you but its not talked about as like real people who are having real consequences. This girl for instances, asked me if I missed all the lions and giraffes. I told her  the first lion I saw was in Florida.