Hello, and thanks for visiting my Oral History. I chose to do my oral history on Drake University Professor Godfried Asante. The reason I chose him in particular is because me and him share some similarities. We are both West African and we have both assimilated into American culture. So I thought what a match made in heaven i have  a person who i can relate to and someone who could really understand the message and story he is trying to portray.

As I was born in Nigeria 668 miles away (by flight) Godfried Asante was born in Ghana to parents Samuel, and  Janet Asante. and a brother to 6 brothers and two sisters. When asked on how he got his name or where does his name come from he gave me a very interesting answer:

My people came from the Ashanti tribe and they left the Ashanti kingdom (they didn’t want to be controlled by the Ashanti kingdom) so they left from the Ashanti kingdom and within the Ashanti kingdom you have a lot of different tribes that form the kingdom. So my people were apart of that, so apparently, they named their kids the last name Asante because they didn’t want them to forget where they came from.

He moved to the United states ten years ago where he wanted to pursue his education. And pursue he did, Godfried Asante earned his BA in Communication, Media and Rhetoric from the University of Minnesota, Morris and his MA in Communication Studies from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Godfried has a Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication from the University of New Mexico. His research interests focus on social identities such as race, class, gender, and sexuality in transnational contexts. The primary goal of his research is to use communication to explore how social inequalities and human rights violations are enacted and reproduced. Godfried is a stand up guy who loves passionate about teaching and sharing his stories to impact lives, take a look into the life of Godfried Asante..