“Small Town Living and The Perils of Belonging”

In a small town, everybody’s business is everybody’s business. There is no such thing as a right to privacy in my hometown, there is a tradeoff for this though. On the one hand, there is a lack of privacy, but on the other hand there was a real sense of belonging; a safety net if you will. Long before Hillary Clinton wrote the book, “It Takes The Village”, was keenly aware of that, if I did something naughty and my mom didn’t catch me, she had this whole system of informants that would report to her, what Daryl was doing. It was a small community and that was just normal! The town was largely a farming town so I grew up working, doing everything from bailing hay, to detasseling corn, “walking” the beans, where you would either pull or cut the corn out of the beans. I farmed, I drove a tractor for a farmer, did fall and spring plowing. We used to go as deep as you could but now of course they don’t do it as they did then. So I grew up in a farming community. Returning to this sense of belonging and community. I vividly recall when a farmer would be injured or get killed, the whole community was there to put in the crop, harvest the crop. Whatever needed to be done and with no expectation of reward, recognition, or pay. It was just the dues you paid for part of the community.