“Morbid curiosity with understanding death” (Morbid Curiosity)

Well I think I had kind of a morbid curiosity of what do they do to the body. My boss, the owner of the small town funeral home, was a member of the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church of Missouri Senate Lutheran. Now I am a Methodist, but he got most of the funerals at this church. There was a Catholic funeral home there was a Methodist funeral home and then he got the leftovers. So we only had about one funeral a week on average. It was an interesting experience for me to see a dead body and helped with the embalming process, I also lived under the embalming room while I was working her. One of the first bodies that I worked on, was a body that had undergone a coroner’s autopsy. I remember going to pick up a body and the top of the head fell off because they had done a cranial. Where they had to bring the brain out and do testing on it. It wa just interesting seeing a body that was all carved out, where you can see the backbone from looking in from the front of the body. My boss was also color blind, so he had me help him with the cosmetics and makeup and stuff. It was literally a hands on experience and it was fascinating, I learned a lot about human anatomy, psychology and that I really didn’t want to do this for a living.