“Genealogical Roots”

I think we all have interest in genealogy. I’ll share something with you in a minute but I also want them to appreciate what they call the troubles in Northern Ireland the Protestants versus the Catholics. I want them to understand that my great grandfather came to America when he was only 17 years old. He left everything he knew to come to a new world. The courage and so forth, the potato famine that Ireland exploited in its best product and that is it’s people. I’m personally kind of glad because my great grandfather, Loftus came to Iowa and the rest is history so to speak. Now that is on my mom’s side, on my dad’s side my claim to fame is Beall is a scotch Welsh name. Out in Maryland, Virginia, it’s pronounced Bell. I met two U.S. senators, B.J. Glenn Bell Sr., B.J. Bell Jr. and Charles Beal or Bell was the attorney. He was the district attorney that prosecuted vice president Spiro Agnew. Anyway, before doing research, I always thought that Georgetown was named after King George, the third or George Washington. To come to know it was actually named after George Beall or Bill, who was a land developer. There is also an old Beall Street in Georgetown Washington, a suburb of Washington D.C. or a part of Washington D.C. was named after my ancestor George Beall. My grandfather’s grandmother, Nancy Hanks were first cousins. So Lincoln’s grandparents would be my great great great great great grandparents. With that being said I am a sixth cousin of Abraham Lincoln and had I been a politician back in 1860, I’ve been a Republican, but I’m a Democrat, I would have been certainly better than a Republican. That is my claim to fame, Abraham Lincoln and Georgetown.

Being a Husband, Father, and Grandfather

“Three things that have turned me into the civil gentleman that I am today”

Jo Ann Hasty Beall, my wonderful wife. We met at Iowa Central Community College, we were introduced by a mutual friend and found instant attraction and respect and love. She earned a BA in education and worked in human services, retiring a few years ago as a case management supervisor working with people with mental illness, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities and brain injury. We will celebrate our 50th anniversary which is in March and will be celebrating it in Ireland, which is my ancestral home. We are going to celebrate it in June with our 11 grandkids and their moms and dads. Let me tell you a little bit about my children now.

We have three children, our oldest, Lora, is a teacher in Cedar Falls and she has five children. My only son Scott, the middle child is a Special Ed teacher here in Des Moines. He lives in Huxley and has a set of identical twins, identical in every way except one has autism and the other developed normally. Then my youngest daughter, Christen is married to an Air Force officer, he’s just made Lieutenant Colonel and they’re both civil engineers but she’s a stay at home mom. They have three children and they moved from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to Luke Air Force Base in Phoenix. She loves the desert but her husband however is from Minnesota. I am not sure if he thinks it is all that great. So we have 11 grandchildren in all.