“Continuing to become a civil gentleman…”

Well my first two years of college I attended Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, on a memorial scholarship established in my brother Michael’s name. Here I earned an Associate of Arts degree and was elected student body president while I was attending this school. After this I went into Peace Corps training which I will be touching on a little later. After I got back from Peace Corp training I attended my junior year at the University of Northern Iowa. I went there for a year, and was able to take 12 hours of credit during the summer of a best of which it was only 60 miles or 60 miles west of where I live. So I went to summer school there so I could be considered you know a senior. So the draft board wouldn’t come after me. We had a child and I just ended up staying, So I got my undergraduate degree from Buena Vista. I was already going into Drake University with a B.A. in political science, which I earned while at Buena Vista. At Drake I got twenty five hours and I just lacked the self-discipline to start a thesis and I could see my hours kind of creeping away. They had started a new program though, it was a professional degree program, not an academic degree with a master of public administration. So the program accepted 25 hours of that toward a 40 hour program and so I got my graduate degree and I got a really good education at Drake. I sing the praises when it comes to Drake University, I am very fond of that and proud of my Drake heritage and degree.

“Peace Corps Training”

I got my two years at Iowa Central Community College at that time the draft Boards were wanting young bodies and I love to travel but I really didn’t want to go to Vietnam. I counseled with our minister about my conscientious objector and then we decided no I’m not a pastor. I’ve been the first volunteer to enroll but I was opposed to you know selective and they didn’t recognize that. I got a very low number in the draft whenever I was teaching, it was either 13 or 14 and one of my close friends also got a very low number. We married very good friends,  so we kept in touch. Danny was teaching math at Muscatine. I was teaching political science at Urbandale and his dad went into the draft Boards, Denny and Daryl got really low draft numbers when should they be expected to be called. I didn’t know at the time, that they didn’t draft school teachers and so it was terribly unfair but I took advantage of my draft informant. I was in Peace Corps training in the middle of my college education. And I was the youngest in our training group at Montana State University in Bozeman, I was  going to be operating on a hog breeding station in Ecuador. Then I would also be working with community service and stuff like that. I was so young and I literally believed what JFK said, “Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”(JFK). I was very inspired, I was going to make a difference in the world. And I was very naive too. I was packed and ready to go to Ecuador when I got my separation notice I failed my Spanish exam. Spanish proficiency. And we didn’t have college professors, we had young people teaching Conversational Spanish so I learned a lot of logic and naughty words and stuff. And anyway when I was teaching, I did learn a lot about the culture and the ways of the indigenous people as well as the Spanish people in Ecuador.