“This was the start of me becoming a civil gentleman”

My father’s name was Wayne Beall and my mother’s was Marjorie Pence Beall. They were born and raised in southeast Iowa, in Keokuk County. They grew up in the “Depression” era, which was a very hard time to grow up in. My parents had four kids, which were all boys and I am the youngest of them all. I never got to meet the oldest, Jerry because he was born with spina bifida and died when he was only six months old. Then the second oldest was Stanley and he was 10 years older than I. He lives in Washington, D.C. now with his family. Michael was only five years older than I.

Now in my High School graduating class there were 24 students graduating and I was in the upper half of my class. Until like March or April when Jane dropped out, because she dropped out that dropped me to the bottom half of my graduating class. Anyway I wasn’t a particularly a good student in high school, I was bright and I always tested in the 99th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and Iowa Test of Educational Development. I did not work very hard in high school but I was apart of a lot of clubs. I was involved in student government and a lot of activities but I am not an athlete. I got to suit up in a small school, I am not musical but I was in the mix chorus and band. I also was in class plays because they needed bodies but I am not an actor at all.