THE MOST INTERESTING MAN IN THE WORLD!!! The person that I will be talking about is Daryl Beall, this is the person that I selected for my oral history. With conducting these interviews I have learned a lot about this man, I even told him that “he reminded me of my grandma”, after we were done with the final interview. One thing that I . Let me give you a little background about Daryl Beall. “Daryl Beall was born in Fort Dodge on December 11, 1946 and grew up in the Calhoun County town of Somers. He graduated from Cedar Valley High School and from Iowa Central Community College where he was student senate president. He earned his B.A. from Buena Vista University and taught American government classes at Urbandale High School where he earned the Freedoms Foundation Teacher’s Medal. Daryl was a Taft Fellow at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Drake University.” (ballotpedia) Beall served on a few panels in the Iowa Senate, the Economic Growth board of trustees; the Education advisory group; the Local Government council, where he is bad habit seat; the Transportation advisory group, where he is bad habit seat; and the Veterans Affairs board, where he is seat. He additionally serves on the Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals Appropriations Subcommittee. One thing that I learned that I think connects throughout this entire oral history is about civility. With that being said let’s start from where civility first began, which is Beall’s Iowan childhood.[PICTURE HERE]


“If you were to say anything about my life I would like to be known as a civil gentleman and gentle man.”