I came to the U.S. by myself. Leaving my family was very hard, but I was determined to go to school here, get a degree, and go back. I arrived in October of 1958 on the Queen Frederica ocean liner. There was airplane communication between Greece and the U.S., but at the time people were coming by ocean liners. We fell into some very very bad weather and went out of our course. It was supposed to take a week from Greece to the Straits of Gibraltar, in Spain, and then another week from Spain to New York, two weeks. But there must have been a hurricane because we were delayed two days and we went north to avoid it. Unfortunately, we didn’t really avoid the whole thing.

Onboard Postcard Made Available to Passengers Circa 1957

Being so young, I of course didn’t know we were in danger, but when I looked out the window one time, it was black and raining. The ship would go up, down, side to side and I don’t know if it was moving at all, but it looked like we were at the bottom and the waves were up there. It was bad. It was really bad, but we survived it and didn’t think much of it.

Arrival in New York