As I said before, next year I am going to have been here for sixty years, and this is now my country. I think if your ethnicity is by birth you take it for granted, but if it is by choice, it is a different story. When I go to Greece and I start talking about the U.S. and about everybody, I am pretty vocal about it. Nobody can say anything bad about this country in front of me.

It is not that I don’t like my homeland, and if Greece were in a war with some other country I would take the side of Greece. But if Greece were in a war with us here, it would be very difficult for me to decide.

Because I went to college here, and was exposed to the history of the country I read books about the old West and the frontiers. For years I read those books and was fascinated by how they came, found a piece of land and started a life from nothing. I don’t know much about the history of the country, but the pioneers fascinated me, and I think that sort of helped me to feel like a part of this country.

First Interview Transcript