We go back to Greece every summer to visit family. My brother, cousins and nieces and nephews are all over there. I like visiting, but after 3-4 weeks I want to come back here. We are established here; we have children, grandchildren and friends and the church and everything we belong to. I have three sons who all graduated from Iowa State University in Ames. The oldest lives here in Ankeny and works for some big computer company. He has a daughter who is a junior in college. My second son is also married and has three children and lives in Chicago. My youngest son graduated in finance and lives in California. They are all very successful.

Besides my son in Ankeny and a cousin who moved to Des Moines, we don’t have much family here. We do have the church community, and if you are in a smaller community like here, everything we do Greek-wise is in the church.

Community in Des Moines