After moving to Thompson, Iowa for three years we came to Des Moines in 1967 and eventually moved to Ankeny where we live now. Once we settled down here, I worked in a small hospital for twenty years. I loved my job, and the part that I really loved was that we had to do the diagnosis for patients and sometimes save their lives. Since it was a small hospital, we were not specialized in one department. We could work in all the departments like hematology, blood banking, bacteriology or chemistry; you name it.

It was very rewarding saving peoples lives. For example, they would bring in a diabetic person in a coma and they did not know if it is from low blood sugar or high blood sugar. They could not treat the person until they found out, and timing was critical because in some cases, five extra minutes could kill them. And when you saw that because you did the test, the doctor was able to treat them and they would immediately wake up, it was very rewarding.