It’s just hard in organizing because you are expected to do a lot with nothing, and most of the time I have no help at all, so it’s exhausting but when you have those big, or even small, victories the energy is just amazing. In this work, you’re moving an inch at a time, so any victory just feels amazing. On the immigration issue, it’s very long term, I don’t think, realistically, the immigration system will be fixed in my lifetime. You can’t think in terms of long term though, because things are still really shitty so you’ll just get down about it all. You have to take baby steps and only think about what is plausible, but it is worth it.

When I think about long-term future, there are two aspects that I think about all the time in the organizing world. There’s some structural things that if we want to make this a viable structure have to change because we are growing, but I don’t we organizations are prepared for that growth. I think the organizations in our network make very impactful change, and it’s really powerful, but there has to be a change. Especially in terms of budgeting it’s hard, you have to have big goals within a budget, but everyone is competing for their money. It’s hard when you’re going up against people who have endless amounts of money. So the networks have to be willing to look at the structure if they want to retain good people. It seems like campaigns end up fading when you have constant turnover, because then you have to consistently retrain everyone and it becomes a hot mess. Think about the money you spend on trainings, it’s the same reason to just pay people a living wage, so they stick around.


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