I am at a bit of a crossroads in my life. I don’t know what will happen, but the burn out in organizing is real. I’ve made it past the hump, because in organizing it’s about two-three years when people get burned out and I’m at three and a half. At this time last year I was running ragged, but I’ve gotten through that and I’m ready to regroup now.

In any career, you need to have a balance, but I think it’s coming time for some sort of change. I’m only 27; I don’t like feeling like I’m going to be 45 next year. That’s part of the reason I am going to grad school; because I felt like my life was getting more redundant and I needed a new challenge.

I’ll always be involved with immigration, but to what capacity might shift. I’ll always remain a member at CCI, because the work they do is amazing.

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