We actually moved to Austin for a year and I worked at another shelter similar to Annunciation House but we decided we were looking for some place to settle down. All of Oscar’s family lived in Miami and my parents and my sister lived in Iowa. We had gotten married and we were actually expecting a baby at that point and we were like, well where do we have the baby.

My job in Austin had ended, so we went to Miami and lived there for about a month and toured the hospitals in Miami. We toured the hospital in Miami and we explained that we didn’t have insurance but we were going to pay for it. We said that and the nurse said, “Oh I am so sorry to hear that honey”. The hospital we went to they had been having a fundraising event that day and so they had signs all over the hospital about all the needs the hospital had. Signs like “people are born in rooms with 20 people all going into labor at the same time” or “so many people have to share a room for cancer treatment”.

Then we came up and visited my parents in Iowa and we went to Broadlawns and we were like so we don’t have insurance but we will pay for it. The nurse said, “Oh we don’t care about that at all, all we care about is the health of the baby.” They had private rooms and they were showing us the CD player in the room and where you could do a water birth and all this kind of stuff. We were like I guess we are going to come to Iowa now to have the baby and then we never left. I often say I married the most exotic man I could find and he fell in love with Iowa so here we are still in Iowa.

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