My brother and his wife had a son a year before Seth, his name is Matthew, and when he was two he was diagnosed with autism. They went crazy and were so worried and they were getting all these different interventions. I thought I would never be like that if my child were disabled, I would just accept it as it’s fine. Seth was a year at the time and we had no clue that anything was wrong with him at all.

Seth, Etienne, Matthew, Michael and Ann at the Iowa State Capital

When he was two and half and still wasn’t talking the doctor said you need to take him to a speech therapist. The speech therapist came once a week for a month and I thought it was really stupid, everything they were doing was really dumb, he’s fine. At the end of the month they said we think he’s got some mental deficits, and I thought no he doesn’t. After a month of fighting it I started reading about it a little bit. They called it pervasive developmental disorder, at the time and I started reading all these things and it was sounding more and more like Seth. Then when Seth was three he was diagnosed.

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