Vincent lives in a state of liminality, constantly questioning the pros and cons of his early education and what fits best for him. He explores that more during this section.

He has mentioned many times how different the school systems are, and here you will really hear about the extent of that difference. Not only do we look at Taiwan and the U.S. but Vincent has an interesting period in his life where he lives in Thailand and experiences a Westernized version of Eastern education. We explore that transition in this section.

We bring up the perceptions Vincent has about Thai and American Western culture, his perceptions on Taiwan and Eastern culture, His peer’s perceptions of him and the politics of the country that create other perceptions. 

His analysis on a factory based system of education in Taiwan and the genius based education system in America produces some thought provoking questions about the structure of each society.

Vincent and Vivian

Vincent and Vivian

Vincent also goes on to explain that he is expected to share what successes he makes with his family by bringing them to the United States or other countries where they can be successful. What does this say about American society? What does this say about our economy? In this section, looking at the expectations placed on students in both societies can be used to change and/or improve both our systems. After all, the pressures of students shape the work force of each society, which is discussed in further detail in this section.

To Perceptions (Him, Them, and Us)