Like I had said, my husband was the most wonderful, sweet, gorgeous man. I loved him for him. Although I had always grown up with money, I had never really considered money to be a reason to marry a person. I definitely did not marry my husbaDSCN1814nd for money. He actually was living a life that was far below where I was. I never even found out how much he made until we were already married.  I found out the hard way a few days after we were married.  We’re just in our little apartment and I said “why don’t you give me some money and I’ll go to the store and cook food for you?” I had been to finishing school, so I knew how to properly prepare a meal like every Mexican wife knows. We have a four course meal with wine and candles and flowers and the whole enchilada. We’re drinking our wine and smoking cigarettes after dinner, when I said to him, “you know, baby, why don’t you give me more money for tomorrow?”  He hits me twice in our entire marriage, and this was one of those times. He said to me “you no longer live out of your father’s wallet.” So, for the rest of the week we ate macaroni without cheese because I used the cheese in the dinner! He and I would laugh about that story even years later.

My husband always did want the best for me. He helped me with everything. When I first got here in the United States, file0001256259621I realized I had little to stand on. My education from Mexico didn’t transfer here, so my husband encouraged me to take typing at DMACC so I could at least have a marketable skill. We used to joke that this was the only way he would ever get the chance to sleep with a secretary!

Many years later, when I had my own translation business Daniel also helped to manage it. After I had become successful as a translator, as it turns out I needed a secretary working for me!. As he was not working at the time, and because he knew the business side better than I did, I went ahead and let him run that for me. He then ended up working for me! What a change in everything!aztecs40

Although we had a lot of fun, my husband and I, there were aspects of his life that I was not so fond of. To be specific, his family. There really should be a special book written titled “Stupid Questions You Ask A Foreigner”. So, my father-in-law found out, logically, that I was from Mexico, and so he must have read something, perhaps a post card or something. So then he asked me if it was true that the Aztecs virgins; open their chests up and pull their hearts out and offer it to the gods. I say “yeah”. Do they still do that? Uh… no. Why, he asked me. Well, we ran out of virgins!

He wasn’t the only one. My mother-in-law asks me: do you have anything automatic in Mexico? I said “well, it all depends on what you mean by automatic”, I said. Let’s, let’s just assume you’re talking about the washer and dryer. Ok, so let’s put it this way: Thursday is the day you choose to do

“In my country, you tell the maid “it’s Thursday, you wash!” That’s automatic.”

your laundry. So you get the clothes out of the hamper, you separate them, you put them in the washing machine, you put in the detergent, you push the buttons, you do all these things, and then you wait. When it stops, you put it in your automatic dryer, you put it in there, and you wait again. When it stops, you take it out, you fold it, you put it away. In my country, you tell the maid “it’s Thursday, you wash!” That’s automatic.

My mother-in-law also used to make fun of me because I did not know how to properly run a washing machine, because, as I mentioned, I always had a maid to do it. So the first time that I did laundry for my husband and I, I didn’t article-2398775-1B65667E000005DC-825_634x286know any better. When he got the first load of laundry back in his drawers, he said to me “can you explain this to me?” and it was this pink T-shirt. Oh, and I said “don’t worry!” and I pull out.. “it’s a set” and I pull out some pink underwear! We had a good laugh about that one too. Although I did finally learn how to properly do laundry, I decided that it really is just not my thing. I have to admit, I still put all the clothes in together, it’s just that now I have learned to wash it on cold!


Becoming American