American Flag XXXLWhen I arrived in the United States, the only thing was that when it came to the normal life of an American woman is that a lot of people think that American women are lazy, because there’s so many things to make it easy for housework and the like. Although I tremendously admired the life of the American woman, all I knew was that they were known to have it the easiest.

I decided to immerse myself into this society.

Nevertheless, I still wanted to become entirely part of this culture. And so, I decided to immerse myself into this society. I didn’t bring my music, I didn’t bring my enchiladas, I didn’t bring my tacos, no I immersed myself. I was going to live in this country and that was it. The love for my country was different. I mean I could hear Mexican music and I would feel like tearing up, y’know. But even though I could miss my country, this wasn’t my country. This was my new country. I wanted to become fully part of it, and to do so, I needed to fully immerse myself in your way of life.

“But even though I could miss my country, this wasn’t my country. This was my new country”

I now can claim that I am not only a Mexican but also an American, because I have both cultures. 20140523-135534Although, yes, legally I have dual citizenship through both countries; that’s not what makes me a part of both of the countries.  I have had the opportunity to live here long enough to immerse myself in this culture. When I moved here, and of course because of the law, my husband, and I decided I was going to stay because that was it, and he was it. I wanted to be a part of his life and a part of this culture.

Things are much different here than they are in my country. For example, if I wanted to give you something to read, and we were both good friends, I could just toss it across the table. However, in Mexico, that would be terribly offensive. If I tossed a magazine to you, you would stand up and try to figure out what the hell was going on, because, I mean, I just threw it at it you!


Not the American Dream…