What I thought would be a year-long stint in the United States turned into something a little more than that. My family and I all stayed here for a year. We took in everything we could, we did what the Americans would do.  My family all improved their English quite a bit. Even though we did everything we could to enjoy that time in the United States, my family was ready to go back to Mexico after a year. However, after that one year, I had met someone special. The man who stole my heart was Daniel McCarney, a tall, lanky man of Irish descent. He and I went together like the perfect couple. So even though when we first began this trip, my family wanted to stay and I wanted finish the year as soon as possible and get on with my life; by the time that year was up, my family was ready to go home, but I wanted to stay with my new found love interest. As it turns out, this was the best choice I ever made. He and I made quite the pair.


My Second Husband (and the in-laws)