Cardiff University main buildingI was very young when I finished the equivalent of high school. In Mexico, we only have 9 years of school as compared to the United States’ 12. I went to the University when I was 14 years old. So then I had gone to the university to become an architect because my dad was an architect. And so, we moved from this city to this other town, and my mother refused to leave me behind in order for me to finish my architecture school. I was in the fourth semester of architecture school. With the move, my mother expected me to switch my major to medicine, which I declined, I had my heart set on architecture. After I had been pulled out of architecture school and didn’t want to switch professions, my father thought it would be beneficial for me to go to finishing school. So, I went. I learned all the trades and ways to care for a house there, but in terms of education, I was seriously lacking something.

So, then, of course when I was in the University, I was with people that were four or five years old10557244_10204590373383901_5392414458913405390_ner than me. So I never “fit” with it.  But, I used to go there and do my stuff and then go home and have my friends that were a different age and you know. I had some friends in the University, and of course, there were boys who were after me there too. Although, it took some time to figure out what they actually were after.  I figured out that those guys that were asking me to date usually ended up doing homework. Never my homework, we were always working on their homework. So I thought is it my brain or is it my body… 

Nevertheless, I fell in love as an adolescent, and I fell in love hard. He was an incredible Mexican man, handsome too. We dated for five years before we finally got married.


My First Husband