Betty and I like to travel a lot, and I prefer to travel with her. We’ve been traveling for a long time since we were without children for seven years. We started traveling when we arrived to the United States. First Iowa, then most of the United States. We did a lot of traveling, we’ve been to every state but Tennessee and Kentucky, so we know the United States pretty well. We started international travel when Betty was at Drake attending school in 1977. The first big trip was with Drake students to Europe: Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. That started our international travels. Traveling is something we both enjoy a lot; every time we could we would. There are few places we have haven’t been but not many; we’ve been to all seven continents, 150 countries to be exact.

Betty and I like to travel because that is our time together away from everybody. Away from the kids, the work, and the stress in my office. The best part about it is, you go on a trip and forget everything. You enjoy each other and wherever you are going. We also enjoy getting to meet new and different people from all over the world.

My favorite place, so far, has been the North Pole. It’s a destination, not a continent. An icebreaker ship takes you up, it takes a week to go up from northern Norway. You break ice all the way up to 90º North and reach the North Pole by telemetry. Then you’re there and you celebrate! You have to go back because the ice closes, so you go back. It takes another week to go back, but that’s kind of an unusual location.

We’ve enjoyed every country we’ve been to, but we have our favorites like Spain, Italy and France. We’ve been to Africa a few times and we saw the animals. They were not in cages like at the zoo, which was nice to see. Papua New Guinea was a very interesting part of the world. It was like civilization hadn’t come through the years of modernization. Until World War II, they didn’t know that people lived on the island of Papua. Planes were used to fly over, and the pilots saw all these communities. At that time, they were cannibals, but not any more.

An Unusual Trip