“Its kind of hard to imagine my life without her.”

Betty and I have been together for a long time and we compliment each other very well. Betty is an outgoing, high-energy person that is very involved. I’m more of a quiet person who likes to listen, but I’m still very active and have many friends like she does.

We have our disagreements like most couples, but they are nothing serious, just difference of opinions on political or religious issues. We have deep conversations about those topics, in general we are pretty much in agreement. The biggest challenge in marriage is when you have two educated people with strong convictions and opinions in a relationship together. You have to learn how to listen and accept an opinion that is the opposite of yours and not allowing it to disrupt your marriage. That’s not just a challenge for us, but for all couples.

My advice to young couples is you must be patient. Before you say something nasty, just think about it, count to ten, or wait until the next day to make a decision. That way you avoid saying something that is going to affect or hurt your partner. Throughout the years of marriage, you learn to have willpower and patience. You talk about the issues and you keep going.

Being together for  44 years is an accomplishment, as well as having grandchildren. Betty and I continue to complement each other, and we continue to love each other a lot.  Its kind of hard to image my life without her. Hopefully we will be together for a long time.

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