“Somebody taught me, I have to teach someone else.”

I am a very goal oriented, determined, long-term planning person and have many people to thank for that. I have to begin with my father, he was my example. He taught me what I needed to do and and expected me to do well, especially with school. He was on top of my grades and everything. If there was a reason to talk to the teacher or professor or something he was there.

In high school there was my Anatomy and Physiology professor. I liked the subject and he liked me. I was a good student with good grades, so he got me this job as an orderly in the OR. He’s the one that opened the medical doors for me, which was important.

There was also my mentor in my training program. He demonstrated the most personal interest in me and my development as a surgeon.  He was very tough and had a strong personality, which is what you need to really push you as a surgeon. He’s the one that expected the best of me, he wanted me to write papers about my work. First they were review papers and then my own personal work. Together we ended up writing about 25 published papers that ended up in medical journals. I

Because of these people, I was lucky enough to lecture at the American College of Phlebology. I taught doctors from all over the country and outside of the United States. They came to my office to learn to do what I do. Throughout the 90’s and in the 2000’s I lectured. I was pretty passionate about teaching; somebody taught me, I have to teach someone else.

“The lessons you learn in life are the ones that didn’t go well,”

I think that the lessons you learn in life are the ones that didn’t go well, because you never forget them. I would say that a couple of times in my life I let pride take over my reason. Which I regretted both times, I should have been smarter and more relaxed than I was in those situations. My advice to people is to wait until the next day or the next week to make a decision, instead of making a decision right on the spot when you’re upset. Don’t let your pride take over your reasoning. I try to teach my kids to do the same; relax, wait, take a deep breath, count to ten.

I would like for my kids to think that I was a good father and grandfather, because I think a lot of my parents. The older I get, the more I admire my parents and how they dealt with the family.  Being remembered as someone who performed their work well, as well as being a good father, friend, and physician is important to me. I think I’ve done that and I don’t think things will change very much between now and the day I retire. It’s a good feeling, like you’ve accomplished something.

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