IMG_0443The international admittance officer, Leslie, came to our college and talked to us about Drake. Though I was already considering Drake since others and myself were more acquainted with Drake than other universities.  I was thinking on either here or another college in Colorado, but I chose Drake because compared to the other university it’s a private school so it’s small. I heard that it’s easy to work with professors, especially with research and I really liked that.

By the second semester here I started working with a Professor on a theoretical research on quantum mechanics.  I’m trying to study how the certain cork propagates through a certain medium. For two summers I did the research full time with DuSci and I went to a conference in Santa Fe, NM to present my project at the American Physical Society (APS) division of nuclear physics. There were mostly experimental physics and a handful of theorist and my project is theoretical, but it went well, there were a good amount of people who were interested in it.

 “I think I had about twenty to thirty people”

The presentation was parallel talks so there were maybe five other sessions going on while I did my talk. I was very nervous because I’m only a student and the people I was presenting to were experts. Because they were mostly experimentalists they didn’t really ask super tough questions.

After I graduate, I might continue with my research not as a career but during my free time because I can do it on my own computer. My research isn’t applicable to daily life. It has the same conditions after the big bang so it will probably just help us understand the big bang more.

I went to another conference in Georgia for philosophy on post-colonialism. It was kind of a mini-symposium so we all talked about post-colonialism depending on the reading material we wanted to use. We had about three or four reading materials to use.



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