When I was little I couldn’t stand my mom. I had a very hard time listening to her,  and she would get so frustrated and angry; like when she would tell me to shower I would have a problem with that because I just wanted to play. It wasn’t until I was twelve when I tried to be more understanding on her nagging me and telling me not to do things.  So, I started getting closer to her again.

  ” She’s the one who opened my eyes”

My mom is more tolerant on things, she always tells me to not worry about what people want to do with their lives because  that’s their life you think about your own. My dad on the other hand is more headstrong on his views, he doesn’t do anything bad with it but we used to argue a lot which made it difficult to talk to him about anything. Now they are more conversations than arguments.

“He made us wooden swords that are super heavy”

When I was little my dad was a lot of fun. He introduced us to other ways to have fun: like this one time he made us wooden swords and wooden guns that shot rubber bands.  He made them out of the leftover wood from building the house, for the guns he’d put a pin at the end then something to hold it that would release with the trigger and then he’d put a rubber band on it. My brother and I would play with these frequently and sometimes we would reenact our favorite cartoons. When we would go on trips we would do that the whole trip in the car, it was fun.

I have two older sisters and a younger brother, but I’m closer to my brother than my sisters.  My brother is only two years younger than me and my sisters are twelve and thirteen years older than me.I grew up with my brother but not my sisters. While we lived in Indonesia and Brunei they stayed in Malaysia for school; then when we moved to Malaysia my oldest sister was living on her own and the other sister went to college so I didn’t get to know them all too well. Even now it’s still awkward sometimes. But my brother and I are still very close, we’re just not as energetic as we used to be. There were times when we were little that our parents would confuse us: like when one of us would say something they would think it was the other one.

 “we grew up really close”                  

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