Since I grew up in a house with the Arab perspective, and the Arab narrative on the Israel- Palestinian conflict I believe that is a perspective that is missed here in the12227663_10154326493281679_3761950610315204882_n United States. Not only did my parents instill that perspective in me, I also met and made Arab friends in college that were so friendly and inclusive. They were Jordanian, Palestinian, Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, all these different types of people. And I dated a Palestinian, and his narrative of his childhood was so different than my own that it made12241458_10154322983606679_7302303350083673866_n me think. He would throw rocks at the tanks driving by when he was younger. There’s also growing inequality and the fact that we deny a group of people their basic human rights. But I also acknowledge that that happens many places in the world, but we don’t give other places 10 milling dollars a day in our tax dollars.


So that being said, I feel like going to Ghaza is something that I can do, so I need to do it. So that is why I am12208858_10154326493286679_9139060568538784754_n going with a group called Washington’s Physicians for Social Responsibility. It will be my first medical mission with them so I’m really excited.