“She’s incredibly talented and she also has a work ethic like nobody you’ve ever seen before.”

Gloria is seventeen years old and she is brilliant. She is applying for college right now, she has a 4.2, is incredibly smart, incredibly talented, and also has a work ethic like nobody you have ever seen before. She wants to do musical theater,12039414_10154222361466679_826079440591368110_n and wants to be on Broadway- no doubt in my mind she will be there. She really has her heart set on NYU because she likes it a lot and she really wants to be in New York City. But it is hard to get in there, and I keep telling her we will have to see, but I would love if she got in there. This is a kid who will do anything she sets her mind to.

Our children’s theater was planning on putting on a production of Rent, and one of her dream roles was Mimi. So for a whole year before we did the production she would run 3-4 miles a day,11954561_10154137309811679_8781261799930701246_n every day, on the treadmill to train for this role. And while running, she would sing the songs on the treadmill that Mimi sings in Rent to practice. She also researched the show and just anything this girl does she earns. But the thing about being the daughter of the people who founded the company is that she has to work three times as hard to be taken half as seriously. So she has to work extra hard to get her roles.



“The thing of being the daughter of the people who founded the company is that you have to work 3x as hard to be taken half as seriously.”

We also did another play, Columbine as our season opener this year and she auditioned for it, and she had by far the best audition. She also had the best call back, however she did not get a part because as the owners, we had our mission to stand by and we had to honor it. It broke our hearts not giving her a part, but she ended up being stage manager and assistant director,11933488_989477117750310_3421363246926043492_n and did some choreography for it. Although she did not get a part in our production she did end up getting a part in Rocky Horror Picture show at the Garden instead so it worked out. I asked her if she was bummed that she didn’t get a part, and she said no because it gave her an opportunity for Rocky Horror Picture Show. Which was good because how would it have looked to the public that we were always casting our daughter? Plus we needed new blood in our shows so we got some really good youth. Gloria is a wonderful, hardworking daughter that has a bright future ahead of her.