“The first night I met him I knew I was going to marry him.”

I met bob at this mutual party, it was November 7th, 1995, and school had been cancelled because it had snowed that day in Kansas City and it was a Friday. They only have one snow plow for the whole city even though it snows every winter. I went to the party with mutual friends of Bob that is how I met him. He was friends with my friend Scottie, who lived across the hall so we went and picked him and Rachel up before the party. And 11351323_10153957829971679_4491880136732885894_nbefore that even happened I was in Scotties apartment because I was going to borrow a leather jacket and he was in the shower and the phone rang. He told me to answer it so I did, and it was bob. I said hello, and he said hello, and he said who’s this, and I said who’s this? And he’s like I asked you first, and I said who’s this again and he said Bob. I said what is your name spelled backwards and he said Joe. So I said Scotts in the shower he will call you back later and I left. Well we picked him up later that night and he was funny and goofy, and I though oh he’s cute, I’d like to get to know him.

So then we were leaving the party and its slick and I have shitty boots on and no11201828_10154080937416679_2624771110141150932_n traction and we were singing what’s up by 4 Non Blondes. And bob says to me, “you need good shoes like this, you’ll never wipe out with these.” So he put his foot down- he’s wearing doc martins- and he falls right on his ass. I ended up biting my tongue from saying: “this is a story we will tell our grandkids about some day.” That thought came into my head and I was like whoa, where’s that coming from?


So then we got engaged the end of June, in 96, but we had a 13 month engagement and we lived together, lived in sin. 12088151_10154266345661679_9128399854002786404_nBut I am so glad we lived together before we got married because then I knew what the hell I was getting into.

Transitioning After Medical School