I didn’t get into medical school the first year I applied, so I stayed and did a year of post bachelor classes and did more research. I retook my medical college admission test and then I got 10155040_10152746469206679_5922900658701630601_naccepted. I started medical school in August of 95, and it was terrible. I was ready to die. It was miserable, I had culture shock. I moved from Iowa City, this liberal haven, to Kansas City, which is awesome, but it’s on the cusps of the bible beating south. I just wasn’t used to it, all of these people in my class were narrow minded.


Before I had left Iowa City, my boss and this friend I had worked with in my research job threw me a party and gave me two bumper stickers. One said “God is coming and she’s pissed” and the other was “Flush Rush”. I didn’t put the Flush Rush

Flush Rush. Digital image. Top Bumper Stickers. N.p., n.d. Web. <https://topbumperstickers.com/product/flush-rush>.

Flush Rush. Digital image. Top Bumper Stickers. N.p., n.d. Web. <https://topbumperstickers.com/product/flush-rush>.

one on my car because that’s mean, but the “God is coming and she’s pissed” one was just awesome! So I put it on my car. And one thing that happens a lot in medical school is that our instructors would frequently mention God and Christianity, and I never really cared. Well, one day Mineesh, an Indian guy in one of my classes, who is pretty liberal, cited my bumper sticker on break after listening to a lecture and the professor was really 12108800_10207139645426055_7818126466708345884_ngetting into God and Jesus. And this guy Chad, from Texas, just freaked out on me saying that “god is a man, Jesus Christ was a man, that’s a fact, that’s an absolute truth.” And he just kept screaming and screaming and screaming at me. I was just like- you weren’t even part of this conversation dude.

So I had a really rough first semester, but I sucked it up and went on. Then I met Bob, my husband, at the end of first semester and the first time I met him I knew I was going to marry him. Then in second semester I made some good friends and started dating bob, and I just felt like okay- I can do this. I mean, once you’re in it you can’t leave no matter how miserable you are, because you have so much invested in it.

“If I would have left [medical school], I would have went back and got my PhD in Women’s Studies and became a professor.”

So we got married the end of second year of medical school, and we had planned on starting a family right away. Mostly because we were med students and we knew10174888_10153034589811679_1772298204044874025_n exactly everything that had to be right for a pregnancy to work, and I just figured it would take a while. Well… right after our honeymoon I got pregnant, it took nothing. I would joke that all I had to do was think about it and I’d get pregnant. So we had our first child, Gloria, and the end of third year of medical school, and we were so naive. I would not recommend it to anybody. It was incredibly intense for a few years. Since we didn’t have our own place all our wedding gifts stayed in storage at my parent’s house while we did clinical rotations between New Jersey and Iowa- and some in Florida. The reason for that is because his family lived in New Jersey and mine lived in Iowa. Each month we moved between New Jersey and Iowa, we would do one clinical rotation then drive 19 hours straight with the baby to do another one. It really worked out so that way he could be with family so they could take care of the baby while we worked. We eventually but her in day care when she was 9 months old, but I was lucky I didn’t have to do it sooner so we could be kind of like a family.