For college I went to the University of Iowa. My parents made us all go to the community college and live at home the first year of college. That year was when my mother© Copyright 2015 Corbis Corporation and I were at each other’s throats. We did not get along at all. It was a hard year with me saying at home. When I transferred to the University of Iowa my sophomore year and lived in the dorms I made a wonderful little life for myself.



“Volunteering with the rape crisis center really empowered me”


I made amazing friends, I started volunteering with a rape crisis center, and that really empowered me. It helped me with my public speaking, but I also helped survivors and I took women’s studies courses. I also had a research job at the university of Iowa hospitals and 10246631_10152729638241679_3949749864460583046_nclinics in the (What) Center and the radio chemistry lab. There I would help synthesizing pharmacticals that were to be injected in patients for (what) scans. I would analyze the purity stuff and I actually got published on an article with my boss.

I had some very good times in college, I had different interests, had some great friends and partied hard.

Medical School